“Dynamic” Print Options in AD Reports

AD Report Print Layout Options

There are seven (7) Print Options within the AD Report, which are:

    1. Dynamic Standard
    2. Dynamic FAA Style
    3. Dynamic Logbook
    4. Separate by Category (Airframe, Engine, Propeller, Appliance)
    5. Summary (27 lines per page)
    6. Appliance List
    7. Cover sheet

The “dynamic” print style expands the column length to allow for a greater number of text characters, without the font shrinking or being cut off (truncated).




The “dynamic” print function provides Sub-headers for Engine, Propeller, and Appliances.

Try each print style to see which one suits you best.


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How to Update an Old AD Report

Updating an old report with New ADs is easy!

*NOTE:  Updating an Old report will keep your original Report INTACT.  The Update function COPIES the old Report instantly, adding TODAY’S DATE to the NEW Report you are currently working on. So you will still have both the original Report, and the NEW updated one you’re working on today.

1. Login and click VIEW to open the original AD Report from last year:

2. On the left panel, click Report Update Options, then click Update with New ADs:

3. A list of newly issued ADs will appear.  Check off the ADs you feel apply, and you would like to add. Then click the green Update My Report button:

4. The NEWLY ADDED ADs will have a GOLD STAR next to them, so they can easily be found: 

That’s it!


Why we DON’T recommend “Changing Report Date”:

Changing the Date on an AD Report


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