“Suggested” Appliances in AD Reports

When in an AD Report, you can view and add “Suggested” Appliance ADs that specifically mention your Airframe in the AD.

What’s so special about “Suggested” Appliance ADs anyway?

These “Suggested” ADs specifically mention the Airframe, Engine and/or Propeller model(s) that you have entered into your Report header.

Open your AD Report, and click the “Suggested Appliances” link:

    1. Click the Check Boxes to select the Appliance ADs you’d like to add to your Report.
    2. Then click the white Add Appliance ADs button toward the top of  your screen.
    3. Lastly, click the Return to Report button:

You will see that the newly added ADs will display a GOLD STAR , indicating they are new to your Report:

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Viking Service Bulletin V2/0009 Rev A for AD 18-19-11

A nearly impossible to obtain Viking Air Ltd Service Bulletin has been added to the AD Toolbox’s library.

Even though this Viking Service Document was incorporated by reference in Airworthiness Directive 18-19-11 (which means it is legally available to everyone), it was seemingly impossible to obtain from the manufacturer.

In the interest of aviation safety, we want to make it available without cost to anyone who needs it.


Screen Shot 2018-10-11 at 10.45.49 AM