How to Renew Your Subscription

If your online subscription is about to expire, or already has, renewing is simple.

If you choose to renew early, you will not lose any days, as any remaining time will be added onto your new Subscription period.

It can be renewed anytime day or night by:

  1. Login at
  2. Going to your Members Dashboard and clicking the RENEW button:


However, if your subscription should expire before you renew, all your records are preserved and will become available to you immediately upon your renewal.

For expired subscription logins, the following renewal screen will appear with several pricing options to choose from.  Select the plan that suits you best.


*You may want to consider our great deal on two-year subscriptions, as adding a second year up-front will keep your cost much lower over time.

You can also renew by phone if you prefer.   Either way, your receipt will available immediately on the member’s dashboard.

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Author: April Zook

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