Activity Report for IA Renewal

Are you looking for an IA Activity Report, as evidence of work performed, to stay current on your IA Certificate, or for some other purpose?

If so, it’s simple to do.  On the LEFT PANEL, click FORMS, then IA ACTIVITY REPORT:

Add a Start and End Date for the time span you wish to produce the Report for.  Click the Create IA Activity Report button:

For Multi-User Accounts, select the User from the drop-down list:

Your Report will appear in list format.  Next, look over each line to see if changes are needed:

With the BUTTONS, you can:

    • Toggle between Show AD Compliance Report Activity Only and Show All Activity (Including from Forms):
    • OMIT lines you do not want to print.  Click Unomit to restore the line:
    • EDIT the information, in each line:
    • Add a FORM DESCRIPTION for this specific Report, so it is easily distinguishable from other reports, and easily found:
    • Add a RECORD, to insert a new line in your Report:
    • PRINT:

This is what your PRINT OUT will look like:

EDIT specific lines in Activity Report:

Open the exact IA Activity Report that needs changing.
-Click the white EDIT button, for each line that needs to be changed:

-Make changes (such as selecting “Airworthy”), and click SAVE:

OMIT specific lines from Activity Report:

Want to OMIT a lines out that you don’t want to include on the print out?

Simply click the orange OMIT button, and it won’t print.

Want to restore that line?  Simply click the white UNOMIT button, and that line will appear in the print out.


If you need to add a line for work performed, click the blue + ADD RECORD button, fill in the information and click SAVE.  The new line will be added to your Report:

FORM DESCRIPTION for Activity Report:

A FORM DESCRIPTION makes each unique Report easily distinguishable from other reports, and easily found.
Click the white Form Description button, add your text, then SAVE:
When you go to locate that Report later, you can see how the Form Description is unique, making it easier to locate that specific, unique Report:
Need to troubleshoot?  Something not right?
Is the Report NOT showing all the work (like Logbooks and 337s)?
There are a few reasons this could happen:
-Is your Date Range Correct?
-Are there lines that were Omitted?
-Is it, perhaps, showing AD Compliance Report Activity only?  If so, click the orange button that says:  Show All Activity (Including from Forms)

There is a lot to this Report.  Take your time learning it.


Do you prefer a BLANK form?  You can download it HERE:

Click to access FORMZA-IAAR.pdf

or follow this path:

2. Forms > FAA / Custom Forms > Blank PDF Forms > IAAR


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Memorize Text in AD Reports with Custom MOCs

When working in an AD Report, wouldn’t it be convenient to NOT have to re-type the same words for multiple ADs, repeated times?

It is possible by using the Method of Compliance (MOC) tool.  It allows you to save, and apply text that you use frequently.

There are TWO ways to access the Method of Compliance (MOC) tool:

Method 1)  On the individual AD Line, click the blue speech bubble next to Method of Compliance (MOC):

From here, you can either:

    • Select a Common Method of Compliance (MOC) from the list, or
    • Add a NEW Custom MOC

If you select one from the list, just tap the circle next to the one you’d like to add to your AD Notes, and click the green Add Selected MOC button.  You will see that MOC in your AD Notes.:     

If you click Add New Custom MOC, a screen will come up that allows you to Type in your wording, and then click the Add Customer Method of Compliance button.  You will see the new MOC in your AD Notes.

Method 2)  In the AD Report, on the left hand side of the screen, click MY Custom MOCs:

From the Custom MOCs page, you can:

    • Make a NEW MOC, or
    • Edit or Delete an existing MOC

Type in and save your new MOC:

*At this time, there is no “Return to AD Report” button, so you will need to navigate your way back to your AD Report.


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How to PRINT an AD Report

AD Report Print Layout Options

There are seven (7) Print Options within the AD Report, which are:

    1. Dynamic Standard
    2. Dynamic FAA Style
    3. Dynamic Logbook
    4. Separate by Category (Airframe, Engine, Propeller, Appliance)
    5. Summary (27 lines per page)
    6. Appliance List
    7. Cover sheet

The “dynamic” print style expands the column length to allow for a greater number of text characters, without the font shrinking or being cut off (truncated).




The “dynamic” print function provides Sub-headers for Engine, Propeller, and Appliances.

Try each print style to see which one suits you best.


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