How to PRINT an AD Report

My AD Reports are not printing right, what is going on?  

The quick answer:  Do not use your browser’s print function! 

Instead, use the “Print Layout Options” from within your AD Report.  Here’s the details:

1. Open an AD Report. 

2. On the left side of your screen, click on “Print Layout Options“.  

3. Choose the style you prefer, there are plenty to choose from, but the “Dynamic” style is the best option.

4. When the page appears, depending on your browser, you may see a small printer icon towards the top of the page.  If not, try hovering your mouse towards the bottom center of the page, and the download or print icon may appear.  Each browser displays the print tools differently.

If you still don’t see a print icon, you can try going up to File > Print.

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Author: April Zook

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