Memorized Text in AD Reports

When working in an AD Report, wouldn’t it be convenient to NOT have to re-type the same words for multiple ADs, repeated times?  Well now you won’t have to.

We’ve added a “memorized text” feature in the AD Reports, for the “Date/Hours at Compliance” and for the “Next Due” fields.

Just type in your notes and hit the Save Changes button.  For the next AD, those previously typed words will appear in the same fields, for other ADs in the list.

For Example:  For one AD, type in the date and hours, such as:  “1/7/19 2245.7 hrs”, then save your changes.  When you start typing a number “1” in the next AD below, you will see the memorized text appear.  For the Next Due field, if you type in “N/A” and save your changes, you will see “N/A” appears in the next AD when you start typing the letter “N”.


Also, this new function is available on the “scratch pad” when viewing an AD from within the Report.


Note:  This will not transfer over to other Reports, it is exclusive to the individual Report you are currently working on.  Also, this function is only for the “Date/Hours at Compliance” and for the “Next Due” fields, and not for Method of Compliance.


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Author: April Zook

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