IA Activity Report

Are you looking for an IA Activity Form, as evidence of work performed, to stay current on your IA Certificate, or for some other purpose?

If so, it’s simple to create.  We offer a pre-filled Report that contains all the Activity performed within a designated time frame, which you determine. 

Here’s how to create your Activity Report:

  1. Login
  2. Go to the Left Panel in the Member Dashboard.  
  3. Click Forms, then IA Activity Report:



4. Next, select the date range for which you want the report to reflect (for example 03/01/2019 through 03/01/2021).  Then click the Create IA Activity Report button:


*Multi-User Accounts will need to Select a specific User:


You can choose what appears in your Report:

Screen Shot 2019-01-31 at 12.08.16 PM.png

If you need to make any changes, simply click on the  “Edit” button:



To remove a line from your report, simply click the orange “Omit” button.



5. Then finally, click the Print button to view and print the final Report:

Screen Shot 2019-01-31 at 12.08.35 PM.png

*Alternative Option:  If you’d like to print a BLANK IA Activity Sheet?  Download the Form here:

ZA-IAAR (Zook Aviation IA Activity Report)

Do you need Form 8610-1?  Download the Form here:

FAA FORM 8610-1

Do you need to fill out the FAA IA Renewal Information Sheet as well?  If so, click here:

FAA IA Renewal Information Sheet


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