Changing the Date on an AD Report

Need to change the date on an AD Report?  It’s easy, however, it is not recommended. 

Instead, we highly recommend using the “Update with New ADs” option:

Why?   Changing the report date will NOT keep your original report, but instead replace it. This is not the best idea, because your old report will be gone, permanently.  Instead, we suggest Updating Your Report with New ADs because:

  • It retains your original report.
  • It transfers all the information from the original report, while making it “current” with any new ADs that have been issued since you last performed any action on that aircraft.

We recommend the Update with New ADs option if you want to start the paper work for your upcoming annual before performing any work.

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So what is Change the Report Date for then?  Changing the date should really only be used if an annual runs into a little extra time for example if one unexpectedly has to send the engine out for an overhaul after an annual has already been started.  So  please never use “Change Report Date” if you are doing a normal annual inspection.

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If, after heeding the warnings and understanding that changing the report date will NOT keep your original report, but instead replace it, then please proceed, with caution.  Here are the steps to Changing your Report Date:

Open the AD Report.  In the heading, click the “Change Report Date” link:


Next, you will be given the option to add any new ADs that have been issued since the initial Report Date.  Leave them checked to add them, or uncheck them to prevent them from being added to the updated Report. 

Remember to change your Report date in the field at the bottom of the page, and click Save:


The new date will be shown in the Report heading:


The new date will also be reflected on the Member Dashboard:


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