NEW FEATURE! Print Your Subscription Billing History

We all need Receipts for different reasons:

      • Proof of Access to a Regulatory Library for FSDO
      • Give your Accounting Department Proof of Purchase
      • Tax Exemption purposes or for your own records

Whatever the reason, you can now VIEWSAVE and/or PRINT your Receipts for your Subscription to the AD Toolbox Online.  Here’s how:

  1.  At the top right area of the Member Dashboard, click on “Billing History“:

2.  List:  Here you will see your Receipts organized by Date.  You can re-organize the list by clicking on the column headers, or narrow your search by typing  keywords in the Filter Search field.  Click the PRINT button to view your Receipt.


3.  View your Receipt.  From here, you should also be able to PRINT and/or SAVE your receipt.  Each browser has different ways of displaying the print and save options, so be sure to click directly on the Receipt, or hover, to bring up those options:

That’s it!  Have more questions?  Contact Us or visit

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Author: April Zook

April Zook enjoys announcing news and updates for the The A.D. Toolbox Online, which is an IA Regulatory Library and more, produced by Zook Aviation. Come visit our site at for all your Regulatory needs, and more!