How to Make a Copy of your AD Report

Do you need a Copy of your AD Report?   If so, you can retain your Original Report, while making unique modifications to the Copied Report.

In the Copied Report, you can delete or add whatever ADs you do not want to include in the Original Report, which may be specific for your Technician working on a particular job.

Here is how to make a copy:

      1.  Open the AD Report
      2. On the left panel, click Report Options
      3. Select Make a Copy
      4. Change the Report Date (if you want) so you know when the Copy was made
      5. Save your changes

You can make as many copies of the Report as you like.

It is up to you if and when you delete the copies, to retain just the original.

Give this a try, and if you have any questions, feel free to Contact Us or visit We’re happy to help.

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Author: April Zook

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