Happy Memorial Weekend

Honoring All Service Men and Women, Old and Young, those Passed on in the name of Freedom, those Currently Serving and those Retired. God bless you, your Families and God Bless America! Land of the Free!

In Observance of Memorial Day, Zook Aviation will be closed Monday May 27th, 2019.

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What Can You Get in 1 Click?

With the AD Toolbox Online, sometimes there are some great features that are only just 1 click away!  Below, we’ll show you some of the useful tools that make using the AD Toolbox even more convenient.

Have you ever performed an Annual Inspection on the same plane a year later?  Of course!   In just a click, you can make an Updated Copy and instantly add all the new ADs that have been issued since you last created or opened a specific AD Report. Open your Report and click the Update with New ADs button.  Instructions here:


Would you like to review ALL the activity you’ve created for a specific Customer?  If so, just click on their profile and you will see all AD Reports, Forms, Work Order, Invoices, Logbook Stickers, and anything else that is assigned to that specific Customer.

Curious about ALL the Regulatory Documents that apply to a specific Airframe, or Tail Number?  Whenever you see the “nFo” button, click on it and you will see all the ADs, STCs, TCDs, SBs, AMAs , and more.

nFo”  is a quick snapshot of all documents that apply to that specific airframe model.

You can even run a Filter Search one ONE screen for:  SBs, STCs and AMAs!


With 1 click, you can create either a Logbook Sticker, or an Invoice directly from a Work Order.

What else can you get with 1 Click?

  • The most current ADs – which are updated daily.
  • Instant access to your most recent activity, including:  AD Reports, Forms, Work Order and Service Invoices.
  • Your Billing History
  • Submit a Comment, Question or Concern
  • Visit our Help Blog
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