Recurring ADs

How do you know if an AD is Recurring, or not?

Look under the Recurring column of your AD Report:

      • Yes* – This means that the AD is recurring but a specific action in the AD terminates the recurring requirement.
      • Yes – This means that the AD is recurring.
      • If the recurring column is blank, this means the AD is NOT recurring.

These fields can be modified, so you can remove the word Yes or Yes*.

If the field is blank, but the AD is recurring to you, then you can type in the word “Yes” or even state the frequency, such as “100hrs”.

How to Add a “Flat Rate” to Invoices and Work Orders

If you’d like to create a “FLAT RATE” item in your Work Orders and / or Service Invoices, there’s a simple way to go about it, and there are several options to consider.

Flat Rate in Work Orders:

Open an existing Work Order, or create a New one.

Either Add a new Discrepancy, or click View to Edit an existing line.

Under the Assigned Mechanic section, leave the Labor Hours at 0.00 (zero).

In the Labor Rate box, type in your final Total Charges for the Flat Rate:

Click Save, and Return to Work Order button in the upper right hand corner.

If you click the Convert to Invoice button, this is how your Flat Rate will appear in the Invoice:

Flat Rate in Invoices:

Open an existing Invoice, or create a New one.

Go to the Labor section.