Mobile Device and Cross Platform Compatible

Did you know?  … the AD Toolbox Online is Mobile Device and Cross Platform Compatible

We’re often asked:

      • “Does it work on an iPad or Tablet?”
      • “Can I use it on a Mac?”
      • “Do I have to dedicate a specific Computer to it?”
      • “Can I use it on my Phone?”
      • “In the Office, Shop, Truck or away from Home?”

The AD Toolbox Online is mobile compatible, works on any device, any operating system (OS), and anywhere there is an internet connection.

      • Mac or PC
      • Phone, Tablet, Laptop, Desktop
      • Android or Apple

Through any Internet connection:

      • Wifi
      • HotSpot
      • Satellite
      • Land Line / Hard-wired Cable

And on any Browser:

      • Chrome
      • FireFox
      • Internet Explorer
      • Edge
      • Safari
      • and others

You do not have to dedicate any particular device to the use of our online service.  Just login to the website and you have instant access to your records, anytime, anywhere, on any device!

Sign-up for a 10-Day FREE Trial and give it a spin:

AD Toolbox Online 10-Day Free Trial

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Recurring ADs

How do you know if an AD is Recurring, or not?

Look under the Recurring column of your AD Report:

      • Yes* – This means that the AD is recurring but a specific action in the AD terminates the recurring requirement.
      • Yes – This means that the AD is recurring.
      • If the recurring column is blank, this means the AD is NOT recurring.

These fields can be modified, so you can remove the word Yes or Yes*.

If the field is blank, but the AD is recurring to you, then you can type in the word “Yes” or even state the frequency, such as “100hrs”.  Be sure to click the green SAVE button!

If you want to view only the Recurring ADs, click the orange “Show Recurring Only” button.  When you are finished viewing them, you can go back up to the same button and click “Show All” to get back to the full Report.

If you’d like to Print Recurring Only, here are the instructions:


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Print Recurring ADs Only

If you’d like to Print “Recurring Only” ADs, first, click the “Show Recurring Only” button:

Next go to Print Options, then choose your preferred layout:









The PDF will show only the Recurring ADs:

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If you are planning to “Print by Category” and separate out your Report by Airframe, Engine, Propeller and Appliances > go to Print Options, then choose Print By Category:







      1. Choose the Category:  All, Airframe, Engine, Propeller, or Appliance.
      2. Click the Recurring Only check box.
      3. Click the Filter button
      4. Select the Print Layout you prefer (Dynamic is recommended).
      5. Click Print.







You will see that only the Recurring ADs will be printed.

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What to look for when you Borescope your Engine Cylinders:

Wonder what to look for when you borescope your engine cylinders?
Dean Showalter of will teach you some some borescoping procedures that you may never want to be without again!
His simple guide has pictures and easy to follow steps, on what to look for when you borescope your engine cylinders.
Get your FREE Borescoping Guide right now, at:

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How to Add a “Flat Rate” to Invoices and Work Orders

If you’d like to create a “FLAT RATE” item in your Work Orders and / or Service Invoices, there’s a simple way to go about it, and there are several options to consider.

Flat Rate in Work Orders:

Open an existing Work Order, or create a New one.

Either Add a new Discrepancy, or click View to Edit an existing line.

Under the Assigned Mechanic section, leave the Labor Hours at 0.00 (zero).

In the Labor Rate box, type in your final Total Charges for the Flat Rate:

Click Save, and Return to Work Order button in the upper right hand corner.

If you click the Convert to Invoice button, this is how your Flat Rate will appear in the Invoice:

Flat Rate in Invoices:

Open an existing Invoice, or create a New one.

Go to the Labor section.  Add a new item, or Edit an existing line:

Click the “Click Here for Flat Rate” button:

Type in the Labor line description, Flat Rate, and Details.

*Please Note:  the Details information will NOT appear in the Labor line of the Invoice, but will appear when clicking the “Print Line Item Details” button:

Older, alternative methods to add a Flat Rate still work, as well.  Here are those methods:

Alternative 1:  The Labor section in Work Orders:

If you prefer to start your Inspection process through Work Orders first, then convert it to an Invoice later, you can add a Labor Rate of Qty of 1, and the final charge.

For example.  Add a 1 for the Hours, and make the rate whatever you charge as your flat rate, for example: $1350.00.

This will then transfer over into your Invoice, after it clicking the “Convert to Invoice” button at the top of your Work Order.

Open the newly created Invoice, and view the Flat rate in the Labor section of the Invoice.  You can make the line taxable, or not.

Alternative 2:  The Labor section in Invoices:

You can manually enter a Labor line, with Qty 1 and the Flat Rate of let’s say $1350.00, for example.   You can make it taxable, or not.

Alternative 3:  The Misc section in Invoices:

Go to the “Misc” section of the form, near the bottom.  Add a new item.

Title the line whatever you like, for example:  “Flat Rate Annual Inspection”.  You can make this taxable, or not.  Click Save, then Return to Report.

The new Item will be added to your Invoice.   Click the Print Invoice button at the top left of your screen to view how your Customer’s will see it.

There are numerous ways to accomplish the same result.  Choose the method that works best for you.

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New Members of ATEC

Zook Aviation is happy to announce our new Membership with ATEC, the Aviation Technician Education Council.
We offer schools the opportunity to use our service in the classroom setting, so the students can experience a real-life program and apply it to their work environment after receiving their A&P Certification.
If you know any Instructors teaching at a Maintenance School, please share our online service with them.
To learn more about ATEC, click here:
To learn more about how our Schools Program works, click here:

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