Custom Maintenance Releases

Create your own custom Maintenance Releases.

They can be used in:

    • Work Orders
    • Logbook Entries
    • Invoices

You can start building a Maintenance Release list from scratch, to have ready when you need them.

First, LOGIN.  From the main Member Dashboard, on the left panel, click My Maintenance Releases:

Add a NEW release (on the right side of your screen) and click SAVE:

Just type in whatever wording is appropriate for a Release.

*At the bottom of this article, there are SAMPLE generic releases that you can use as a template for your own.  Just Copy & Paste!

Below is an example of a Generic Release:

Add several NEW releases, until you have a few to choose from:

When in a Work Order, Logbook entry or Invoice, you can add an existing or new Maintenance Release from there.

Look for and click the blue bubble:

Then select an existing, or add new release :

The wording will be inserted into your document.

*These kinds of hand-carved Releases can be very useful when you need to ADD ANOTHER IA’s NAME and Signature Line to the document.


Below are a list of “generic” Releases that you are welcome to Copy and Paste into your list, or copy and save them somewhere on your computer for later use.



Generic Release:

I hereby Certify that Persuant to _____________, _______________ inspection has been performed I.A.W. ________________ at T.T.I.S. ________________ and all maintenance required has been performed and properly certified; for and on behalf of Zook Aviation Inc. Certificate of Approval No. 0000 For details refer to Job No ________ Maintenance Release No _______ Issued at ________________Date ________ Final Cert __________________ License No __________________

All Work:

All work performed in accordance with standard practices AC 43-13B, applicable regulations, and with references to manufacturer service and maintenance documents. Signature:_____________________

Airframe Engine Propeller Appliance (select one):

I certify that this Airframe/Engine/Propeller/Appliance has been inspected/repaird in accordance with an ___________________ Inspection and determined to be in Airworthy condition. Permanent details on the file W/O# __________ and copy given to customer. Acft. T.T. ___________ Engine T.T. __________ Date ___________ Signature _____________________ Cert# ______________________

Invoice Disclaimer:

Disclaimer:  The rates on this Invoice are subject to change.


Add a Maintenance Release to Logbook Entry to Eliminate White Space

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