Custom Maintenance Releases

Create your own custom Maintenance Releases. It’s easy, here’s how:

Begin by creating a few different Releases that you use most often.   From the Member’s Dashboard, click on the My Maintenance Release button:


That will take you to the list of custom releases. At first, you won’t have any in the list, you have to make one.  It’s simple, just type your words into the box, and click Save:


*Suggestion:  At the bottom of your custom release, you can add a simple line that includes your Signature, Date and IA #.  Here’s an example:

Signature: _________________________  Date: ____________________________ Authorization No.: _____________________


You will see your newly created Releases in the list:




Add your own custom Maintenance Release to Logbook Entries.   Either create a new, or open the Logbook Record you want to add your Maintenance Release to.

Click the blue bubble and either select an existing Release, or add a new one:

You will now see the Release has been added to the bottom of your Logbook remarks.  Be sure to click the Save button!

You will see your Logbook remarks and the Release on your print out:

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