About Aircraft Profiles

What are “Aircraft Profiles”?

If you’re tired of re-typing the same information over and over, and want a better solution, try Aircraft Profiles.

Profiles do several things:

    • Keeps all records related to a specific plane in one location.  Those records are:  AD Reports, Logbook Records, Weigh Forms, 337s, ICAs, Work Orders and Invoices.
    • Transfers the basic information (N-Num, S/N, Make, Model, Hours, etc) over to whatever Report or Form you’re working on, so you don’t have to re-type that same info over and over.  This helps to prevent typos and mistakes.
    • Allows you to assign a Customer to the aircraft.
    • Upload a photo of the aircraft.
    • Add Documents (PDF, or image files) to the profile (such as old Logbook records, sale transfer, receipts, installed STCs, etc)
    • The Profile displays Model-applicable FAA data, such as:  TCDs, ADs, STCs, Service Bulletins (when possible), Suggested Appliance ADs, and AMAs

It’s a great way to organize everything in one place.

If you want to learn how to make an Aircraft Profile, check out these articles:

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