About Aircraft Profiles

What are “Aircraft Profiles”?

Are you’re tired of re-typing the same information over and over, and want a better solution?   Wait no more!

By popular customer demand, we now offer “Aircraft Profiles“, a simple way to see all the information for a single plane, all on one page.

What Actions You Can Take:
    • Add a photo of the aircraft
    • Add basic information:  Make, Model, Tail #, Serial Number, Hours
    • Create or link an AD Report
    • Attach a Customer to the plane’s profile
    • Create or link a Logbook Record
    • Create or link Weigh Forms (Weight and Balance)
    • Create or link Form 337
    • Create or link an ICA Form (Instructions for Continued Airworthiness)
What’s Automatically Listed:
    • FAA Registry data
    • Airworthiness Directives
    • Service Documents
    • AMAs (Aviation maintenance Alerts)
    • TCDs
    • NTSB Accident / Incident Records (2010 forward)

It’s easy to create your first record in “Aircraft Profiles”.  Here’s how:

Login to the Member’s Dashboard:  1) click Aircraft Profiles, then 2) click Create New Aircraft:

Next, type in the model number, and click Search:

Choose the specific model from the list, and tap the Select an Airframe button:

From here, you can perform many tasks, but the first one we’d recommend is to set up the Aircraft Profile in the upper left hand corner, and go from there.

Setting up the profile includes:  Adding Tail #, Serial Number, then move down to Add a Customer.  Once those are complete, you can either create new documents, or link existing documents.

What documents?

    • AD Reports
    • Logbooks Entries
    • Weight and Balance
    • 337
    • ICA Form (Instructions for Continued Airworthiness)
    • Work Orders
    • Service Invoices

 If you created any forms prior to building a Profile, you can link existing documents (AD Reports, Forms, 337s, Logbook Entries, Work Orders, Invoices, Weight & Balances Sheets, etc) to the Profile.

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“Aircraft Profiles”  may still have a few kinks to work out.  Let us know if you have any questions or suggestions as you explore around.

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