Sales Tax on Invoices

How to Add Sales Tax to an Invoice

On the Service Invoice, you can change the Sales Tax status for each individual line item, in Labor, Parts and Misc.

To quickly turn the Sales Tax OFF or ON for the entire Invoice, click the white Edit Invoice button:

Next, to add a Sales Tax Rate, check the Calculate Sales Tax box, and set your Sales Tax Rate (which is a percentage %). Click SAVE.

Make Labor, Parts and Misc Taxable by clicked EDIT next to each line item:

Check or uncheck Taxable in the Labor line item:

Check or uncheck Taxable in the Parts line item:

Check or uncheck Taxable in the Misc line item:

When you PRINT the Invoice, the sales Tax Percentage will appear in the Totals section (at the bottom right):


If you don’t want a Sales Tax Calculation, based off a Percentage Rate, you can elect to simply add the actual Sales Tax Amount (for example 10.89), which you have manually calculated.  Type in the dollar Amount ($), and click SAVE:

When you PRINT your Invoice, you will see the Sales Tax (a dollar amount $)  that you manually added in Edit Invoice:


If you don’t want any Tax applied, make sure the Calculate Sales Tax box is unchecked, and there is no amount in the Sales Tax field.

Note:  Sales Tax laws and rules vary by state and locality, by the item or service being sold, and to whom.  Please be sure to adhere to the unique laws set in your area.


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