Monthly Price Plans

As you know, we offer several different price options, let us explain the Monthly Price Plan:

Here are just a few things we’ll go over:

      1. What are the Monthly Price Plans?
      2. What are the advantages?
      3. How does it work?
      4. How do I sign up?
      5. How do I “pause” my subscription?
      6. Re-activating your account after pausing subscription.

Let’s get started:

1. What are the Monthly Price Plans?

We offer two monthly plans:

*Please NOTE -Monthly Plan Facts:

      1. Monthly plans ARE continual recurring, every month, until YOU opt to Cancel/Pause.
      2. The Cancel/Pause only becomes available after the required minimum of 6 month minimum term is completed.
      3. The Cancel/Pause is NOT automatic, you must either click the Cancel button online, or call us requesting cancellation.
      4. You will receive a cancellation confirmation email, stating that Cancellation is complete.  If you do not receive the email, please check your SPAM/Junk Folder in your email.

2. What are the Advantages?

It takes less money to get started, and you can turn it off, and on, as needed.*

*Yes, there is a “catch”, but it’s simple to follow:

After the initial 6 months, you can turn your subscription off, and on, as needed.
When reactivated, the automatic recurring charges will repeat every month, so it is up to you to Login and Cancel (pause/suspend) whenever you do not need the service.

3. How Does It Work?

Here’s an EXAMPLE scenario:

    • Bob is a brand new customer.  He signed up for the $49 a month, single user plan.
    • Bob only works on his own plane, and sometimes a local friend’s plane too, occasionally.  Summer is when he runs his annual inspections.
    • After Bob has been charge $49, for 6 months in a row, he can then Cancel (pause) his subscription for however long he wants.
    • It’s winter now and Bob has Canceled (paused) his subscription.
    • Soon, summer arrives again.  Bob reactivates his account, and the recurring charges of $49/month start back up.
    • Bob’s taken two months to get his own, and his friend’s plane inspected and ready to fly.  So he’s paid $49 for two months in a row.
    • All his work is done, and he Cancels (pauses) again until next summer.

That is just ONE example of how you can suspend your account for however long you want.

4. How do I sign up?

Click below to choose either $49 Single, or $59 Multi:

$49 a month plan for Single Users (One Person)

$59 a month plan for Multi Users (Up to 5 People in One Shop)

5. How do I Pause?

Pause Monthly Subscription

6. How do I re-activate my subscription?

When you are ready to re-activate your account, just LOGIN as usual.  You will be redirected to a Pricing PLAN page.  The reason we offer this is because some returning customers want to change their plan when they return.


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Add Your Logo

ADDING a Logo to your Profile is easy.

Go to MY PROFILE, in the upper right hand corner of your screen:

Click the Add My Company Logo button:

Then click the Browse button:

Select your image file:

Your Logo will then appear in your Profile.  Here’s an example:

To change it, click the Change my Company Logo Button:

DELETE the one that is there:

Upload a different image file:

If you want your LOGO to appear on Logbook Entries, be sure to have the Display Company Name and Logo turned ON, in your Profile:

Have questions? Need help? Contact us at (540) 217-4471
9 AM -5 PM M-Thurs Eastern Time
Closed Friday thru Sunday

How to Update Your Payment Info

Do you need to Update Your Payment Information?

Reasons to do so may include:

      • Expired Card
      • Compromised Card
      • Change of Bank

1. LOGIN to the AD Toolbox.

2. Go to My Profile:

3. Click on Monthly Subscription Status/Options:

4. Change your card information, then click the green Update button:

You’re all set.  The next time the monthly fees occur, it will be on the card you added.

*NOTE:  This card update is only available to MONTHLY Subscribers

ANNUAL Subscribers are given the opportunity to update their card when they renew their subscription.

Have questions? Need help? Contact us at (540) 217-4471
9 AM -5 PM M-Thurs Eastern Time
Closed Friday thru Sunday