Monthly Price Plans


As you know, we offer several different price options, but here, we’re just going to talk about our Monthly Price Plan.

Here are just a few things we’ll go over:

      1. What are the Monthly Price Plans?
      2. What are the advantages?
      3. How does it work?
      4. How do I sign up?
      5. How do I “pause” my subscription?
      6. Re-activating your account after pausing subscription.

Let’s get started:

1. What are the Monthly Price Plans?

We offer two monthly plans:

      • $49 a month plan for Single Users (One Person)
      • $59 a month Plan for Multi Users (Up to 5 People in One Shop)

2. What are the Advantages?

It takes less money to get started, and you can turn it off, and on, as needed.*

*Yes, there is a catch, but it’s simple to follow:  The Monthly Plans do require a Six-Month Minimum to fulfill, before you can turn the plan off and on, as needed.  Once that 6-month time frame is over, you’ll have option to pause your subscription.

What’s so great about that?  Well, first, it saves you money, and all your information is still there, in place, right where you left it, whether it’s a month since you turned it off, or a year or two years!  We keep all your data in one place, for as long a you need.  It will be right there waiting whenever you re-activate your account.

3. How does it work?

Once you sign up for the Monthly Plan, you will be charged (either $49 or $59) each month.  This is a recurring amount that will automatically be charged every month on the date you signed up.

After you have reached the 6 month mark, you will have the option of pausing your subscription.

How do you do that?  Login > Notifications panel > Monthly Subscription Status/Options > Cancel Subscription  (do not be alarmed, the “cancel” acts as a “pause”).  Click HERE for visual instructions.

When you’re ready to re-activate your account, just login with your existing email and password, and click back on the Monthly Plan.  You’ll regain instant access to your account.

4. How do I sign up for a Monthly Plan?

Signing up is easy!

If you’re new to us, just go to our Pricing page and select either the $49 or $59 Plan.

If you have an Expired Free Trial account, login with your Trial Email, and select either $49 or $59 Plan.

If you’re an Expired Online User, login with your User Email, and select either $49 or $59 Plan.

If you’re an Expired Disc-only User from a few years ago, you will need to open a new Online account.  Just go to our Pricing page and select either the $49 or $59 Plan.


If you’d like to see a Cost Comparison for the Monthly Plans, click HERE

5. How do I “pause” my subscription?

After you have signed up, and fulfilled the required 6 month minimum term, you can then pause.  Click HERE to see how.

6. Reactivating an account after pausing subscription:

If you’ve “paused” your subscription and are ready to reactivate, it’s easy:   Just login with the same exact email and password that you had already been using, no matter how brief or long you’ve been away.  You will be given the opportunity to renew.

Reactivating your account will initiate automatic recurring charges each month.  It is up to you to pause your subscription again.

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