Weight and Balance Forms

Did you know we offer Weight & Balance forms, as well as Revision forms?

Our W&B forms do the calculations for you, saving you time and potential mistakes. Need to make a Revision? No problem!

You can make a new form, view, edit, duplicate, convert, print, or download/save it.


There are several different ways to access the Weight & Balance Forms:


In the middle area of your screen, there will be a section called My Forms.  You can click on:

    • My Forms, which takes you to the Forms List
    • +New Form button, which will will create a new blank Form
    • View to open and Edit and existing Form


    • Click on Form / Checklists.
    • Next, click either My Forms or +Create New Form links.

From within an AIRCRAFT PROFILE:

Create new or Open an Aircraft Profile.
Once in the Profile, look to the middle section of the Screen for Weight & Balance section.

Take a closer look.  Here you can:

  • Create new Weight w CG or W& Balance Revision Forms
  • Link existing Weight w CG or W& Balance Revision Forms
  • Edit the Form with a unique Description
  • View the Forms


FIND an Existing W&B Form from within MY CUSTOMER :

Open an existing CUSTOMER.
Look to the middle section of the screen for the FORMS section.
In the FILTER SEARCH box, of the FORMS section, type either:

  • W&B Revision, or
  • AC Weigh with CG

This will locate those forms directly assigned to that specific Customer.

Click the VIEW button to open and edit the Form.

Once your W&B Rev for is on screen, make all your additions and edits:

Next, click PRINT, it will look similar to this:

If your page has more than 16 lines, it will print a second page to accommodate the overflow.  This is called “Dynamic” printing.

Let us know what you think of multiple page printing.


More questions?  Need help?  Contact us at (540) 217-4471   9-5 M-F Eastern Time