Serial Number Specific AD Report

You can create a Basic AD List or Detailed AD Report that is Serial Number specific

If you just want the most basic AD list, click here to learn how to do that:

Need a Basic AD List?

For a full detailed Serial Number specific AD Report, create a new AD Report from within your Aircraft Profile.  *Be sure the SN is in the AC Profile.

Just click on the blue button, towards the center top of the page, that says “+Create Report“.

The AD Report has a S/N Guide column, which shows applicability.

S/N Guide Definitions:

ALL:  AD applies to all aerial numbers for this Model or Series (unless N/A by Year built)
YES:  AD applies to your serial number.
NO:  AD does not apply to your serial number
BLANK:  AD is superseded.


Q:  If the AD does not apply to my serial number, why is it still in the AD List, or Report?

A:  We will never remove an AD on your behalf.  You are the IA performing the inspection, we are not.  You are the final authority on the aircraft’s airworthy status.  If you wish to remove that AD from your Report, you are welcome to do so.  Here’s how:


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Weight and Balance Forms

Did you know we offer Weight & Balance forms, as well as Revision forms?

Our W&B forms do the calculations for you, saving you time and potential mistakes. Need to make a Revision? No problem!

You can make a new form, view, edit, duplicate, convert, print, or download/save it.


There are several different ways to access the Weight & Balance Forms:


In the middle area of your screen, there will be a section called My Forms.  You can click on:

    • My Forms, which takes you to the Forms List
    • +New Form button, which will will create a new blank Form
    • View to open and Edit and existing Form


    • Click on Form / Checklists.
    • Next, click either My Forms or +Create New Form links.

From within an AIRCRAFT PROFILE:

Create new or Open an Aircraft Profile.
Once in the Profile, look to the middle section of the Screen for Weight & Balance section.

Take a closer look.  Here you can:

  • Create new Weight w CG or W& Balance Revision Forms
  • Link existing Weight w CG or W& Balance Revision Forms
  • Edit the Form with a unique Description
  • View the Forms


FIND an Existing W&B Form from within MY CUSTOMER :

Open an existing CUSTOMER.
Look to the middle section of the screen for the FORMS section.
In the FILTER SEARCH box, of the FORMS section, type either:

  • W&B Revision, or
  • AC Weigh with CG

This will locate those forms directly assigned to that specific Customer.

Click the VIEW button to open and edit the Form.

Once your W&B Revision form is on screen, make all your additions and edits:

Next, click PRINT, it will look similar to this:

If your page has more than 16 lines, it will print a second page to accommodate the overflow.  This is called “Dynamic” printing.

Let us know what you think of multiple page printing.


Having Revision form issues?  Click the link below for more information:

Weight and Balance Revision Issues


Here’s a great W&B reference video, from AeroGuard:

Loaded Weight, Center of Gravity and Moment changes by Flight Study:

Want to review the FAA’s Weight and Balance Handbook?

Click here to Download:

Last but not least, if you want a VISUAL representation of the calculations on the W&B Rev Form, click the image below:


More questions?  Need help?  Contact us at (540) 217-4471   9-5 M-F Eastern Time