Weight and Balance Forms

Did you know we offer Weight & Balance forms, as well as Revision forms?

Our W&B forms do the calculations for you, saving you time and potential mistakes. Need to make a Revision? No problem!

You can make a new form, view, edit, duplicate, convert, print, or download/save it.


There are several different ways to access the Weight & Balance Forms. 

METHOD ONE:  From within an Aircraft Profile, in “Aircraft Profiles“:


Login now, go to your Aircraft Profiles list, and create a new, or link an existing W&B form.

METHOD TWO:  From the left panel, on the Dashboard, under Forms:


METHOD THREE is in the middle section of the Member Dashboard.  There is an area just for Forms.  Click the blue +New Form button:


METHOD FOUR (for old school blank PDF forms):

    1. On the left panel, click on Forms / Checklists
    2. Select FAA / Custom Forms
    3. In the Forms Index, scroll down to the Blank .PDF Forms section
    4. Locate the Form you want, either:
      AWFCG Weight & Balance Aircraft Weigh Form with CG Calculation
      WBREV Weight & Balance Aircraft Weight and Balance Revision Form

Login now to create new, view, or edit existing reports from the My Forms area on the Dashboard.  *Use the Filter Search, using keywords (like weigh, or rev) to narrow the list down.


Read the NTSB‘s article:  Minding Weight, Maintaining Balance

Improper or Unperformed Calculations Can be Fatal
    1. Know your aircraft’s limitations
    2. Conduct weight and balance calculations
    3. Be prepared and conduct takeoff and landing distance calculations
    4. and more……..


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