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As you get to know the different tools within the program, you will notice there are also a number of ways to print.  We recommend always using the Print buttons within the program, and NOT using your browser’s built-in print function.

Whenever you click a “Print” button, from anywhere in the program, you will notice that the first thing that appears is a PDF view of your document.  From here, you will notice that each browser offers different print tools.  We’ll discuss each one at the end of this article.

Here are the print buttons you will use while navigating the different screens:

AD Compliance Reports  – There are several print option to choose from:

AD Compliance ReportsRecurring ADs Only:

AD Compliance ReportsAppliance List:

AD Lists – Two methods:

Method 1) Either open an existing, or create a new Aircraft Profile.  From within that Profile, locate the AD ist on the far right side of the screen.  Click the Print AD List button:

Method 2) On the left panel, click AD & TCD Search.  Next, search for a specific Airframe, Engine or Propeller.  Once your search results appear, click View AD List (_).  Finally, click the Print AD List button:


Logbook Entries – Print one entry, or multiple entries at the same time:

Work Orders – Click the Print Work Order button:


Invoicing:  There are several ways to print, try each of the buttons to see each option:


IA Activity Report – Click the Print button:


Your Billing History – Whether you’re on a monthly plan or annual, you can print your transaction history:

Forms (like Weight & Balance, 337, etc):  Wherever you see the print button, this is the best option to choose.  From here you can directly print the PDF, or even download and save it to your computer.


Differences in Browsers:

  • Safari:  Print options are at the bottom-center of the page.  Move your mouse for the Print options to appear.
  • Firefox:  Depending on your version and computer set-up, Firefox may automatically download the PDF and display it on your screen.  There are also Add-ons for Firefox that will allow you to Preview your page before printing.
  • Internet Explorer:  this browser is out-of-date, so we recommend upgrading to Microsoft Edge.
  • Edge:  If you’re having trouble with Edge, here’s a helpful article to get your PDF printing straightened out:

If your browser is still not cooperating, consider adding an extension, like this one, by PrintFriendly:





Internet Explorer (IE):

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