Serial Number Specific AD Report

You can create an AD Report that is Serial Number specific.

Page 11 of the Aircraft Profiles guidebook shows that from within your aircraft profile, in My Aircraft, just click on the blue button, towards the center top of the page, that says “Create Report“.  This will initiate a new Report.


Once your new Report opens, you will see a column on the left side of the AD list, called S/N Guide.  Under this column, you may see:  All, Yes, No or even a blank space.  Below explains each one:

All – means that the specific AD applies to ALL serial numbers for that specific Model or Series, as specified or generalized within the AD unless N/A by year built.  You have the option to delete this AD from your report.

Yes – means the AD applies to your specific serial number.

No – the AD does not apply to your serial number, as stated in the AD.  You have the option to delete this AD from your report.

Blank – usually appears beside an AD that is superseded.  You have the option to delete this AD from your report as well. 


From this point, you can delete any AD you wish, including any that are marked with a NO, that are blank, or if you feel that an AD in the ALL category does not apply to your specific model, as written in the AD, then you can delete those as well.  We leave that up to you.

If you have deleted an AD in error, you can always add it back to your report by following this method:

Also, please note that Serial Number specific applies ONLY to Airframe, and is not a current option for Engine, Propeller or Appliance.

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