Customer Credit on Invoice

Has your customer made a deposit, or a partial payment on a bill?

Wondering how to record the credit on an Invoice?

Open an existing Invoice, then click Invoice Payments button:

Click +Add Payment:

Add Date of payment, Amount, and a Note.  Click Save.

Click Return to Invoice:

On the Invoice, you will see the Payment applied:

When Printing the Invoice, you will see the applied Payment at the lower right hand side of the invoice:

If you’d like to change the Payment amount, simple Edit the Payment:

Keep in mind that you can make multiple Payment entries.

There’s an older alternate method that will display your Customer’s payment, whether it’s a Deposit, Partial Payment, or is Paid In Full.

Open the Invoice, scroll down to the Misc section, and click the blue +Add button:


Type in a Description for the Payment.  You can type anything, such as Deposit, Partial Payment, or Paid In Full.  Use your own words.  Be sure to use a NEGATIVE dollar amount in the Cost field, typed like this:   -375.00    Click Save:


You will see on the Printed Invoice that the credit appears in the Totals section at the bottom:


You can always edit the Invoice later to make changes or additional payment lines.  When the Customer makes their final payment, you can reflect the payment by either changing the existing Misc line, or adding a new Misc line.  Remember to type in a NEGATIVE amount, which will appear as a credit.

There is a button at the top of the Invoice that allows you to watermark the page with “Paid in Full”:


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