Aircraft Accident Incident Data

In an effort to continually expand our service, we include Aircraft Accident / Incident data (from year 1982 forward), within the Aircraft Profiles.

This will allow you to see if there was ever an event that may have compromised the structural integrity of the aircraft, and it can also be very useful during a pre-buy inspection.

If you’d like to see where to access this information, either open an existing “Aircraft Profiles” record, or create a new record.

Upon opening the record, you will see a box on the right side of the screen referencing this data, but only if there was an accident or incident related to that specific aircraft:

When you click on the VIEW button, it will take you to a more detailed screen:


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Save Save Save

The Value of SAVE:

Saving frequently helps reduce loss of data.

Most of our documents do not have auto-save.

While working, we encourage you to click the green save button often.

When you make changes in a field or box, then tab or click away, the box will turn YELLOW.  This is an indication that your work is not yet saved!

Click the green SAVE button OFTEN to while you’re working!  We cannot emphasis this enough.

Why is this so important?

1) intermittent internet coverage can cause data loss.

2) you don’t want to have to re-type everything!

3) clicking SAVE is easy. Make it a frequent habit.


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Improved Logbook Multi-Page Print Layout

Thanks to our frequent users who alerted us to mis-alignment issues for the Logbook Multi-Page Print Layout!

Seems the multiple print pages were not fitting correctly onto the paper, so we got to work and reset the alignment.

If you stopped using them for this reason, we ask you to please give them another try and let us know how it works out for you.

If you still experience print issues, please let us know.

If the labels just don’t seem to fit your sheet, our best suggestion is to try your computer’s “Fit to Page” option, which allows you to change the size of the zoom.

See this article to learn more about Printing more than ONE label on a sheet:

Print Multiple Logbook Entries


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