Single User or Multi User. What’s the Difference?

When deciding on a subscription, there are several options to choose from. Besides Monthly, Annual and 2-Year, you can also choose between Single-User and Multi-User.

Single-User is intended for ONE individual and is the most popular type of account, great for:

    • Independent IAs with a workshop and/or those that are mobile
    • Shops or FBOs that have one Primary IA
    • Aircraft Owners
    • Schools where one class instructor oversees and grades individual student’s work.
    • Hobbyists
    • Restoration enthusiasts
    • Non-profit organizations such as Museums, Missionary groups, Remote Medical Rescue agencies, etc

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Multi-User is intended for UP TO 5 individuals, in ONE shop.

The advantages to a Multi-user account is having the option to choose which name appears on the task that is being performed.

You will see a drop-down list of names to choose from in a number of places across the program.  A few are:

    • AD Reports
    • IA Activity Reports
    • Forms Portal (Forms/Checklists  >  +Create New Form)

If there is no drop-down list, this means that the “default user” is automatically placed, but you can easily change the User by clicking the “Change User” button toward the top of the page. A few of those places would be:

    • Logbook Record
    • Weight and Balance Forms
    • 337 Form
    • and more

Also, the additional users can set the receive, or turn off, email notifications for new AD releases:

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Please note:  At this time, there is still only ONE sign-in for both SINGLE and MULTI-User Accounts.  We are working on making changes so in the future, there can be different degrees of roles and access, so Invoicing and other areas can be hidden.

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If you’re in the middle of a subscription, at this time, we do not have an Upgrade button, so you will need to CONTACT US in order to make the change.

If your subscription has expired, and you’d like to renew and Upgrade, just go to our pricing page and select the new Multi-user Plan.  Be sure to use the SAME EMAIL as your existing account!  This is VERY IMPORTANT!!

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