Make an Appliance or Component Only AD Report

If you’d like to make an Appliance or Component-Only AD Report, it’s fairly simple, here’s how:

From the Member’s Dashboard, on the Left Panel:

    1. Click AD & TCD Search.  That will open a list.
    2. Click Appliance AD
    3. In the upper right hand corner, click the blue +Create Blank Report (No ADs) button.

When the blank report opens, first click the Edit Heading link to change the name of the Report:

Delete the existing words in the Manufacturer and Model field that say “BLANK REPORT (Manufacturer and Model is editable)” and type in your own title.  It can be whatever description of the Appliance or Component that you want.  Click Save:

For this Example, we’ve typed in:  Magneto – Bendix S20 / S200

Now, Add your Appliance AD (or ADs), here’s how:

On the left side, click Add ADs/Service Documents which will open a list, then choose Add Appliance AD:

Next, 1) locate the Filter Search towards the upper right side of the list, and type in whatever you’re looking for.  You can type “magneto” or “bendix”.  Here’s we’ve typed “S-200” which narrowed our search and showed us those AD titles containing “S-200”.  2) Check off the ADs you want to add to your report. 3) Click the Add button:

The final result is an AD report that only includes the Appliances (aka Components) that you need:


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