Converting, Importing, Transferring External Documents

Customers often ask: “Can you import my Reports from another service, into your system?”

Whatever you prefer to call it:  “converting, transferring, or importing”, we do NOT currently offer that service, however, there is a work around, IF you still have the digital versions of your external documents.

What’s the work around?  Have you ever used the Copy & Paste functions on your keyboard?  If so, this should be fairly simple for you.

If you still have access to the digital version of your external documents, open TWO Windows:

      1. The AD Toolbox, and
      2. Your external documents, whether it be via browser, or opening a PDF, Word or Excel window.

Create a New document within the AD Toolbox (can be a Logbook Entry, AD Report, Weight & Balance Form, etc).

Copy the data from the external document, and Paste it into the correct field in your new AD Toolbox document.

If you don’t know how to Copy & Paste, here’s a quick intro, using keyboard functions:

On a PC:

Copy is:  CTRL C

Paste is:  CTRL V

See the source image

On a Mac:

Copy is:  Command C

Paste is:  Command V


Give this a try and let us know how it’s worked for you.  Copy & paste is a great tool, no matter what you might be working on.  We hope this helps get your external records moved over.

If you wish to skip the Copy-Paste method and just want to keep all your documents in one place, you can upload your files directly into the Aircraft Profile.  It’s easy, here’s how:

Product Improvement: Attach Documents to Aircraft Profile

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