Create a New Aircraft Profile through the Registry

Would you like to create a new Aircraft Profile?

There are several ways to create a NEW Aircraft Profile:

      1. From the Aircraft Registry (preferred and recommended), or
      2. From the Aircraft Profile menu (slower, more steps).

We’ll show you BOTH methods, starting with The REGISTRY:

Go to the Main Member Dashboard > Left Panel > Aircraft Registry > Search by N# or S/N:







Type in the N-Number and click Search:   *Click the blue arrow to open the Registry listing:

On the next screen, click the +Add to Aircraft Profile button:


Side Note:  – – – – – NO +ADD BUTTON? – – – – –

Occasionally, you may come across a listing that does not offer the +Add to Aircraft Profile button. This will happen for Experimental and Large (over 12,500 lbs) aircraft.  Click HERE to learn how to add those manually.

Side Note: – – – – –  SERIAL NUMBER FORMAT WARNING: – – – – –

At times, you may get a Serial Number warning (in red print). All this means is that you need to click the Edit button and change the Serial Number format to match the exact format description, such as this:


Once you’ve set up the Aircraft Profile, you can do a number of other things:

      1. Add a Customer.
      2. Create a new, or link to an existing: AD Report, Logbook Entry, Weight Form, 337, ICA Work Order, or Invoice.
      3. Upload a Photo of the Aircraft.
      4. See what Regulations apply, including ADs, Service Documents (SBs), AMAs, STCs, or Suggested Appliances.
      5. Not all, but some profiles will also display Aircraft Accident / Incident information.  You can learn more about that here:

That was one way to start a Profile.  Here’s the other method by going directly through AIRCRAFT PROFILES (it takes a bit longer, with more steps):

Create a New Aircraft Profile by Model Search

As an extra, here is the step-by-step My Aircraft Guide Book to get you started:


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