Do your exhaust ports look like this? by Dean Showalter

Sharing another great article with you here, from our friend, Dean Showalter:

Hi Friends!

I’m a firm believer in using pressure testing to check for exhaust leaks.

But I wasn’t always.

Years ago, we rarely did more than visual inspections on exhaust systems.

Since that time, I’ve changed my ways… and I’m glad I did.

Check out this exhaust port on a cylinder:​

Before removing the exhaust pipe that was attached here, it didn’t look that bad.

But by doing a simple pressure test with a clean shop vac and some soapy water, it became obvious it was leaking.

If these types of exhaust leaks are not fixed, the cylinder flange area can erode, making cylinder replacement necessary.

For this cylinder, the exhaust port cleaned up nicely, 2 new studs were installed, and the exhaust pipe flange was resurfaced and reinstalled with a new gasket.

The result: No more leakage!

For more pictures of the exhaust repairs and other interesting squawks on my friend Tobin’s Piper Cherokee Six, check out the notes for episode 161 of the Airplane Owner Maintenance podcast.

You can see all the pictures and notes here:

Be sure to tune in early on Thanksgiving morning for a special episode…

I’m going to introduce my good friend, Jonathan Brush, who was a huge motivator in pushing me to start the podcast.

And… I’ll share a code for a special price on the “Safety Wire Like A Pro!” video course, that will be available for one week, starting on Thanksgiving Day.

Have a great week Friends!


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