How to Add an Experimental or Large to an Aircraft Profile

Need to Add an Experimental or Large Aircraft?

Currently, our service only lists Small Aircraft (weighing 12,500 lbs and under) that have ADs issued to them.  We do not list Experimentals, Sport, or Large aircraft weighing more than 12,500 lbs.

But what if you service something that is not in our system?  There is one work around for that.  You will start with adding a new Profile for an Experimental (EXP), and make changes to it after the Profile is established.  Here’s how:

To add an Experimental or Large aircraft, to Aircraft Profiles:
1. Login to the Member’s Dashboard:  1) click Aircraft Profiles, then 2) click Create New Aircraft Profile:

2.Click Search by Model:

3. Type Exp into the model field, and click Search.

3. Click the dot on the right side, then click the Select an Airframe and Click Here button:



Nothing will exist in the record, so be sure to add all the information you can, such as N# (Tail) and Serial Number, and the Name of the Aircraft:








Once you’ve set up the Aircraft Profile, you can do a number of other things, like:

      1. Add a Photo.
      2. Add a Customer (strongly recommended)
      3. Create a new, or link to an existing: AD Report, Logbook Entry, Weight Form, 337, ICA Work Order, or Invoice.

*Note:  Since there are no ADs with an EXP profile, you can add them manually.  Just start a New AD Report, and Add a Single AD, one at a time, until all the ADs you want to list are added.

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