Piper AD 20-26-16 Wing Separation by Main Spar Cap Fatigue Cracking

If you missed it, here’s another Piper AD that is getting some attention, AD 20-26-16:

Subject:  Wing Separation by Main Spar Cap Fatigue Cracking

Models Affected:

Model Serial numbers
PA-28-151 All serial numbers
PA-28-161 l serial numbers except 2842006
PA-28-181 All serial numbers
PA-28-235 All serial numbers
PA-28R-180 All serial numbers
PA-28R-200 All serial numbers except 28R-7235151
PA-28R-201 All serial numbers except 2844029, 2844030, 2844081, 2844125, 2844136, 2844147 through 2844151, 28R-7737078, 28R-7737142, 28R-7837108, 28R-7837125, and 28R-7837257
PA-28R-201T All serial numbers
PA-28RT-201 All serial numbers
PA-28RT-201T All serial numbers
PA-32-260 All serial numbers
PA-32-300 All serial numbers
PA-32R-300 All serial numbers
PA-32RT-300 All serial numbers except 32R-7985004
PA-32RT-300T All serial numbers

There is a Form attached to the AD that requires submission:

Appendix 1:  Inspection Results Form

This is a long AD with a lot of reading.   To Login and view the AD, click here:


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