Changes to the Member Dashboard

Change is rarely a welcomed thing, but is necessary at times.

  1. Your Account PROFILE has been moved. It used to be on the right side of the Dashboard, and now it will be a small link in the upper right hand corner of the screen.
  2. WHAT’S NEW has also moved, from the top to the Dashboard over to the right side.  These are the multi-colored tiles that list the New ADs, SBs, FARs, TCDs, and ACs.
  3. Customizable Dashboard (to some extent).  Choose what you want to see most.  For example: if you use Work Orders, but not Invoices, you can remove that panel from your Dashboard.

To Customize your Dashboard:

Click the link at the top right that says “Show/Hide/Order“.

This take you to the Customize My Dashboard page.  It allows you to move the center display sections around in whatever order you like.

What are the sections?  My Aircraft, My Reports, My Forms, My Work Orders, My Invoices.

You are accustom to seeing “My AD Compliance Reports” as the top section.  Now, at the top with the new Dashboard changes, “My Aircraft” is at the top by default, but you can change that, and put “My AD Compliance Reports” back to the top if you like.

For Example:  you can mark My Reports as number 1, and move My Aircraft to number 2, if you like.

Check the boxes to remove any section you do not want to see.








We hope you find these changes easy to adjust to, and we welcome your feedback.   Please let us know if you need help, or have any questions.

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