Hours Fields Added to Work Orders

Due to popular Customer Request, we’ve improved the HOURS fields in the Work Orders.

Previously, the HOURS line was just a text field, where you manually entered the title and times in by hand.

Now, the titles are all set up, and you just have to type in the times.


For printing, you have the option to include the hours, or print without hours.

STC’d and P-Ponk Conversions

We’re often asked about STC’d Conversions and PPonk Conversions

Though we’re not the experts, we can direct you to the right resources:

P-Ponk Aviation:  https://pponk.com/

P.Ponk Aviation offers several other engine conversions for different Cessna Airframes.

Call:  Steve Knopp at PPonk at (360) 629-4812

Did you know that PPonk is Knopp spelled backwards?

North Point Aviation:  https://northpointaviation.net/northpoint-xp470/

The NorthPoint XP470 conversion is designed for Cessna 180 and 182 models currently equipped with Continental 470k through U engines.

Installation of the NorthPoint XP470 engines FAA approved on all Cessna 182, 182A through R Aircraft and Cessna 180, 180A through 180K Model Aircraft.

Call: William Smith at Northpoint Aviation at 218 829 3398. Northpoint bought the PPonk engine upgrade from PPonk Aviation.

Forum and Group Conversations you may find helpful for Conversion:



“My Aircraft” Re-Named as “Aircraft Profiles”

Due to popular Customer Request, the “My Aircraft” portions of the service have been re-named as “Aircraft Profiles“.

You may notice that the URLs (web address) will remain the same, but the user interface, and navigation buttons will now say “Aircraft Profiles“.



Aircraft Profiles List Page:

Here, you will see Aircraft Profiles in the “Customize My Dashboard” page:

We hope you find these changes easy to adjust to, and we welcome your feedback.