P-Ponk Conversions

We’re often asked:  “What ADs apply to a P-Ponk engine conversion”?

Since it is not TCD’d, we do not list the O-470-50 (for example).

Here’s a note from PPonk’s website:

“Super Eagle Engine Conversion 1990 – 2019

We have sold our Super Eagle O-470-50 STCs which will now be provided through NorthPoint Aviation of Brainerd MN.  In the future, you will see the engine marketed as the NorthPoint XP470.  For STCs and additional information including currently authorized engine builders, please contact Joe Birkemeyer at NorthPoint:  218 829-3398 joeb@northpointaviation.net”

Check out PPonk’s website for detailed info:  https://pponk.com/engines/

We contacted Joe Birkemeyer (of NorthPoint) about it, some time ago, and this is what he told us:

“We do not have any AD’s issued specific to the O-470-50.  I would revert to the engine model that was used for the conversion to the Continental O-470-50 for the AD listing.  For example, if they used an O-470-R to convert, use AD’s pertinent to that model or if they used an IO-520-D for the conversion, use AD’s pertinent to that model.
Thank you.

Joe Birkemeyer”

Visit NorthPoint’s Website:  http://northpointaviation.net/

There’s some online chatter about the conversions.  Here’s one article on the subject:

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