Multi-User List Added to Invoicing

If you have a Multi-User account, then you may have noticed that throughout the program, the list of your User names will appear in certain places, such as:

      • Logbook Record
      • AD Reports
      • ICA Forms
      • W&B Forms
      • Work Orders
      • Invoices
      • (Currently, 337 Forms IA info & Signature must be changed manually, in Sec 6 & 7)

Now, you will also see the User List available in the Invoices.

Parts List: Enter Amounts in Correct Format

We’ve had a number of questions for Parts / Inventory Tracking that fall under a $1.00 amount.

If you’re only listing the Part as a few cents, be sure to always include a zero (0) ahead of decimal point (.) so your end result appears something like this:


Always put a zero before the decimal point, and the amounts should work for you without any trouble.