Inventory Tracking

Parts Inventory Tracking gives you the option, and ability to record quantities for each Part in your list.

If you’d like to use Parts Inventory Tracking feature, make sure it’s turned ON.  Here’s how:

1. Go to My Profile in the upper right hand corner of your screen.
2. Go to Inventory Tracking section.
3. Turn Inventory Tracking to ON



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This oil was in the wrong part of the prop…

Enjoy reading this very informative message from our good friend, Dean Showalter:

This oil was in the wrong part of the prop…

Good morning friends!

This container of oil came out of Aram’s propeller… it’s the propeller from podcast episode 177 and from the previous email I sent out. Check it out:

The reason this is a problem is because there should be an air cavity in the front of this Beech 278 propeller. If there is much oil in the front of the hub, it means the o-ring on the piston has allowed oil to leak past.

And when this happens, the prop becomes “hydrolocked.” In normal operation the piston compresses the air in the front of the prop as the piston moves forward to rotate the prop blades. But if there is oil in the front of the hub, the oil is not compressible, and prevents the piston from moving forward… and the blades can’t rotate, and the prop stays in the low-pitch / high RPM position.

?See more pictures and read more of the story here.?

Thank you to all who responded to that last email with excellent feedback, comments, and ideas. I appreciate it so much!

And be sure to listen to the podcast this week to hear the full story. Hopefully, Aram will be back in the air in his P35 Bonanza real soon!

Have a great Saturday,

Dean Showalter

Read more of Dean’s articles at