Product Improvement: Inventory Tracking

By popular customer request, we’ve been making improvements to our Parts List tool.

The most recent improvement is Parts Inventory Tracking, giving you the option, and ability to record quantities for each Part in your list.  This allows you to track what you have in stock.

If a current Part only lists a quantity of 1 (one), you can Edit that part, and now add the actual quantity you have on hand.

When that Part is added to an activity, such as an Invoice or Work Order, that number of purchased Parts is subtracted from your stock.

Parts Inventory Tracking  is defaulted to “OFF”.  You have the option to turn Parts inventory “On” if you’d like to use it, or leave it “Off” if you don’t want to track quantities.  It’s up to you.   Go to My Profile, and click the Inventory button to either “Off” or “On”, whichever you choose.


To Activate Tracking, go to:

My Profile

Click the Inventory Tracking button so it shows a green On button

Please NOTE the following:

By turning on Inventory Tracking, all quantities will begin at 1. For the best possible user experience, update your parts quantities in My Parts before you add parts to service invoices or work orders.

By turning off Inventory Tracking, all My Parts quantities will be lost. When turning off Inventory Tracking, please make certain that is what you would like to do.

When parts Inventory is turned ON, and you are viewing your Parts List, there is a column for Quantity.   When you go to EDIT a part, the Quantity is available to be changed.

When parts Inventory is turned OFF, and you are viewing your Parts List, there is NO column for Quantity.  When you go to EDIT a part, the Quantity is NOT available to be changed.

How to EDIT a PART:

Go to “My Parts”

Locate the item you want to change. Using the Filter Search can make locating a Part easier and faster.

Click “Edit”.

Make the changes and click Save.

When you Edit a Part, you will see a notation that states:

Warning:  Changes made to this part will not affect parts already added to Work Orders or Service Invoices.

Use Parts in Work Orders & Invoices:

You can use Parts from your list, and apply quantities when using Work Orders and Invoices.

For Work Orders:

Open the Work Order

Either +ADD a new Discrepancy, or VIEW an existing one.

Either +ADD a new Part, or click on the Part name to EDIT it.

Make your changes and click SAVE.

An extra feature of Work Orders is that they be converted into an Invoice.

For Invoices:

Open the Invoice you want to Add or Edit a Part to.

Either +ADD a new Part, or click on the Part name to EDIT it.

Make your changes and click SAVE.

– – – – – – – – – – – – –

Over time, more functions will be added to the “My Parts” tool, such as Reporting, to list the areas the parts were used, such as Work Orders and Invoices.  Another ability in the future will be to add more Quantity from within an Invoice or Work Order, instead of having to go back the My Parts, and Edit the part, as you currently have to do.  The Parts Inventory will slowly receive improvements over time. 

– – – – – – – – – – – – –

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