Attach Documents to Aircraft Profile

Need to attach Documents to your Aircraft Profile?

Perhaps you want to attach old Logbook records, Parts Receipts, previous 337s, Work Orders or Invoices to an Aircraft Profile you’ve set up?  It’s easy to do:

1. LOGIN and click VIEW button to open the Aircraft Profile:

2. The Document area is located just below the Customer/Owners section, towards the left side of the screen.  Click the +Add Document button:

3. Click “Choose File” to locate and select the file you want to upload:

Only certain file types can be uploaded.  Currently, Excel or Word files are not accepted:

You will see the Document appear in the list, in the Documents section:

Click the document link to View or Delete it.

Need to Delete a Document from the Aircraft Profile?

1. Click on the Document link:

2. Click the Delete button:

3. To proceed, Click Yes, Delete this Document button:


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