Attach Documents to Work Order Discrepancies

Attach Documents to Work Order Discrepancies

Did you know you can attach Documents to individual Discrepancies, within a Work Order?   It’s easy, here’s how:

1. Open the Work Order.

2. Click VIEW to Open the individual Discrepancy you’d like to attach the Document to.

3. Click the +Add Document button:

4. – Choose File, Name and Date the Document, then click UPLOAD:
(*Please note a limit of 4 MB per File)

The document is now attached to the Discrepancy.

To OPEN the document, click on its Name to:  View, Edit or Delete it.:

View, Edit or Delete the document:

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Firefox: AD and other PDF File Viewing

If you use Firefox as your browser, you may experience some issues viewing ADs and other PDF files.

Firefox, by default, automatically downloads any PDF files it encounters, and does not display them on the screen.

The good news is that there is a solution!

Depending on the version of your Firefox, you can either change the settings so it will display PDFs on screen, or you can activate an Add-on.