Changes to the Logbook Entry Tool

Did you notice some differences when working on a Logbook Entry?

We’ve made a few changes in appearance and layout, for the purpose of what is called WYSIWYG, meaning What You See Is What You Get.

The screen is now arranged to look as close to your final print out as possible.

A few changes you will notice are the placement of the buttons, which are now on the left side of the screen .Β  There are quite a few buttons:

1. PRINT, for the small sticker labels. (We recommend one sheet of 4 labels, size, such as those by Avery 5168 (Laser) /8168 (Inkjet)

2. SAVE, allows you to save your changes.Β  We encourage you to click Save quite often.

3. And a toggle button between SMALL LABELS (5168/8168) VIEW and FULL PAGE VIEW, to display what an 8.5 x 11″ sheet looks like.Β  Remember, you can trim the page down to fit into the logbooks.

When you are in the SMALL LABEL layout, the screen will display a small box to emulate a 3.5 x 5″ sticker label (such as Avery 5168/8168):

Click PRINT and select which location you need your label to print on:Β  Top Right, or Top Left, Bottom Right or Bottom Left:

*Only the first 11 rows will print. If you need more room, we recommend you use Full Page View.

When you’re in the FULL PAGE layout, the box will appear larger, to emulate an 8.5″ x 11″ sheet:

Click PRINT and select which style you prefer:Β  Auto-Expand (recommended), or Single Page.

*We recommend you use Auto Expand print option so that your data will not be truncated. Use of single page print option will truncate your data after 53 lines.

To make your Company Name/Logo appear/disappear, go to Account Options in My Profile.

Would you like to Print MULTIPLE Logbook Entries?

Click HERE to learn how:

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