Sorting Discrepancies within a Work Order

Would you like your Work Orders Discrepancies to sort in a way that keeps them in order?

Now you can, in just a few simple steps.  It’s easy, here’s how:

1. Locate and click View to open the Work Order you want to change.

2. Click the Change Discrepancy Display Order button:

3.  At the left, type the numbers in the order you would like the Discrepancies to appear.  Click Save, then click the Return to Work Order button:

You will then see each discrepancy line in the order you assigned.

It’s easy to change again, just click the Change Discrepancy Display Order button again and re-sort to your liking.

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Before our built-in sort order became available, we did have some Customer self-created sort order suggestions that work quite well:

If you precede your text with a number,

NUMERIC, two digits, such as:

01.  Discrepancy 1 description here

02.  Discrepancy 2 description here

03.  Discrepancy 3 description here

and so on.

Or ALPHA NUMERIC, two digits, such as:

01a.  Discrepancy 1a description here

01b.  Discrepancy 1b description here

02a.  Discrepancy 2a description here

02b. Discrepancy 2b description here

and so on.

Feel free to experiment and name each line as you’d like.


Select Discrepancies for Print, or Conversion to Logbook Entry or Invoice

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