Omit and Unomit ADs in Your AD Reports

Would like to Omit an AD from being printed on your AD Report, while not permanently deleting it?

If so, we offer the option to Omit an AD from your print out.
*and later if you wish, to Unomit it (or return it to the Print out).

First, open your report, and click the Omit/Unomit ADs button:

On each AD line, click the Omit button to remove it from your Print Out.  *Remember, it does not “delete” it from your Report, it just prevents it from Printing.

When finished, click the Return to Report button:

As you can see, your Report is marked with “Omitted” symbol, for each ADs that was excluded:

Print your AD Report.  You will see that the Omitted ADs do not appear on the print out.

To return the Omitted ADs back into the AD Report, click the Omit/Unomit ADs button again:

Click the Unomit button for each AD you want to add back in:

When finished, click the Return to Report button. You will see the ADs no longer show the “omitted symbol”.

And for convenience, we offer “Omit & Unomit All” buttons for each Category.   Just click the buttons for a quick Omit/Unomit:

  • Airframe ADs

  • Engine ADs

  • Propeller ADs

  • Appliance ADs


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