Using the Work Orders Tool

Have you discovered the multi-functional flexibility of the Work Orders tool?

If not, we encourage you to give the Work Orders a try.

-Create, Save, Print new Work Orders.
-Edit previous Work Orders.
-Convert your Work Order to an Invoice and send it to your Customers.
-Convert and Print your Work Order to a Logbook Entry.

*Remember to create all new Work Orders from within the Aircraft Profile.

If you have existing Work Orders that were made before you had an Aircraft Profile set up, you can easily link them to the Aircraft Profile.   Here’s how:

1) Open the Aircraft Profile
2) Click Link Work Order

If there are any Work Orders detected to be associated with that specific Aircraft Profile, the links will appear as a list.  Just click the “Link Work Order” button:

The linked Work Orders will appear in the Aircraft Profile as below:

-Click the VIEW button to access and make changes to the Work Order, or

-Click the  REMOVE button to take them out of the Aircraft Profile.


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