Using the Work Orders Tool

Have you discovered the multi-functional flexibility of the Work Orders tool?

If not, we encourage you to give the Work Orders a try.  It’s easy, here’s how:

Step 1:  LOGIN and Initiate a Work Order from within an Aircraft Profile:

Either Create New or View to open an existing Aircraft Profile:

Once open, click on the +Create Work Order button.

Step 2:  Explore the Work Order entirely, to learn it’s many options:

-Duplicate Work Orders:

Click here to learn more about Duplicating a Work Order

-Converting Work Orders:

Perhaps you’d like to convert just a few Corrective Actions over to a Logbook Record, or to an Invoice?

Click the orange “Select Discrepancies” button.

Next, check off each line that you would like to print:

Click the “Convert to LSSR” or “Convert to Invoice” buttons.

This will move the Corrective Actions into the Logbook Entry, or the Invoice.

-Sort Discrepancies:

If you are not comfortable with the default order of the Discrepancies, you can determine the Sort Order for each Discrepancy line within a Work Order.

Click here to learn how to Sort Work Order Discrepancies

-Selective Discrepancy Printing:

Are there instances where you need to print only certain Discrepancies from within your Work Order?  learn how here:  Selective Discrepancy Printing

-Attach Documents to individual Discrepancies:

Would you like to upload an Image or a PDF file to a specific Discrepancy?  It’s easy.  Click here to learn how:  Upload Files to Discrepancies

-Work Orders for Multi-User Accounts:

Do you have a Multi-User account?  If so, you can choose which registered mechanic performed the work, from the drop-down list shown in the individual Discrepancy/Corrective Action edit screen.

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