Search ADs by Keyword

Would you like to be able to search every AD with a specific keyword?

Now you can, in just a few simple steps:

LOGIN to the AD Toolbox.

1. On the LEFT panel, click AD & TCD Search.

2. Click Single AD Search.

3. Click Search by Keyword.

4. Type in your keyword(s):

Note:  When running any type of search, we often say “LESS is MORE”.  So for example; if you’re looking for “Wing Strut Corrosion”, just type in “Wing Strut”.  Another example is if you’re looking for a plural word, type it in singular instead, for example:  plural “Seat Rails” could be searched for as singular “Seat Rail” and you might get more results to look through.

5. Click the Search button:

6. Scroll through the Results list, and click on the AD Number to view the text:

7. The AD will contain the same word(s) that were in your search:

8. Click the Print View button to print the AD.

To go more in depth, we’d like to remind you to first run your initial KEYWORD SEARCH.  If you get a long list of results, you can always use the FILTER SEARCH to narrow down the results.

The FILTER search is typically located at the upper right hand corner of  your Search results list:

So for example, in the Keyword, you could type wing.

A long list of results will appear.  You can narrow that list down by typing spar into the filter search box.

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