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Weight and Balance Revision Issues

Weight and Balance Revision Issues?

Calculations seem off?  Check your numbers!  Specifically those in the “As Received” section.  Many times, those figures are the main culprit when the calculations seem off.

Keep the following calculations in mind as you fill out the Form (the numbers are there for example):

The top 3 sections of the Form require hand-typed numbers.  Are they ALL correct?

Real life scenario:  A customer called thinking that the Forms calculations were incorrect.  After much review, it was discovered that his “Empty Weight” figures were off, along with his “As Received” numbers, and lastly, his “Maximum Allowable Weight” was 3600 instead of 3850 which threw his new “Useful Load” off by 250.  Once he corrected all the figures, the Calculations displayed correctly.

Before you call, please check your numbers.

This is and example of what your PRINT out could look like:

Still reading?  We’re happy to elaborate more…

We’ll be going through the entire form, one section, and field, at a time:


    • Maximum Allowable Weight:  this comes from the Manual.
    • Calculation: Maximum Allowable Weight, less Empty Weight, must equal Useful Load, mathematically.
    • CG Range, FWD and AFT.  These are for your reference.  They come from the TCD Sheet.  They are NOT included in any automated calculations.

AS RECEIVED:  (Typically, “As Received” means someone else weighed the aircraft, before you received it)

    • Previous Weight and Balance Date:  This date is always before you received it.
    • Empty Weight:  This number comes from the last document or report as W&B Calculations.
    • Useful Load:  Maximum Weight – Empty Weight = Useful Load
    • Empty Weight CG:  Measurement from Datum Line
    • Moment:  Empty Weight  x Empty Weight CG = Moment

REVISIONS:  (What has been removed, and what has been added.)

  • Weight x Arm = Moment
  • When you remove an item, be sure to include the minus (-) sign before the numbers.
  • The Moment will be auto-calculated, after you have added the Weight and Arm, then click Save.

NEW:  (In this section, all numbers are auto-calculated.)

  • Choose either As Calculated or As Weighed, click SAVE.

*We strongly encourage you to click the green SAVE button often.  Better to know your work is saved, than to risk losing it.


Here’s a great W&B reference video, from AeroGuard:

Loaded Weight, Center of Gravity and Moment changes by Flight Study:

Want to review the FAA’s Weight and Balance Handbook?

Click here to Download:   c

Last but not least, if you want a VISUAL representation of the calculations on the W&B Rev Form, click the image below:

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FAA Moving Database

FAA Moving AD Databases Aug. 16

The FAA is decommissioning several Airworthiness Directives databases Aug. 16, 2022, in the Regulatory Guidance Library, including:

    • Emergency Airworthiness Directives (EAD)
    • Airworthiness Directives (AD)
  • Airworthiness Directives: Biweekly (AD Biweekly)

After Aug. 16, the AD documents will only be available on the newly developed Dynamic Regulatory System (DRS).

FAA officials note that PDF tutorial guides for the new system are available if you contact them via email at

You can subscribe to receive notifications about published ADs and EADs by navigating to the FAA GovDelivery Service. If you are already subscribed to notifications, you don’t have to take any other action, FAA officials reported.

Additionally, the FAA will continue to mail copies of the AD Biweekly, which is a paid subscription of all ADs issued in the Federal Register over the previous two-week period, officials noted.


Have questions?  Need help?  Contact us at (540) 217-4471
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Closed Friday thru Sunday