Weight and Balance Revision Issues

Weight and Balance Revision Issues?

Calculations seems off?

Check your numbers, then double check.

Every section of the form requires data to be entered into the fields.  The only section that does not require hand-typed data is the NEW section, at the very bottom of the Form.

The bottom section, title “NEW” is where the automatic calculations occur.

Pay particular attention:  Maximum Allowable Weight, less Empty Weight, must equal Useful Load, mathematically.

If you possibly received incorrect numbers from previous work, it could cause the final calculation to also be incorrect.  If you feel YOUR numbers are right, make sure the numbers you “inherited” from previous work is accurate.

If the calculations aren’t working out, double check all your hand typed-numbers, in every field.  It’s likely that they might need adjusting.

We had a customer call to say the calculations weren’t working, but they were.  One of his math equations in the “As Received” section was incorrect.  After fixing the numbers, all calculations were correct.

Here’s a great reference guide, from AeroGuard:


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