Need a Basic AD List?

Though we offer Serial Number Specific AD Reports, we also offer the most basic AD Lists.

They’re easy to create, and there are TWO METHODS, here’s how:


Either open an existing, or create a new Aircraft Profile.  From within that Profile, locate the AD list on the far right side of the screen.  Click the Print AD List button:

Your List will appear as a PDF, on screen. You can print from here, or Download/Save it to your computer:

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1) On the LEFT panel, click AD & TCD Search, then click Airframe AD & TCD:

2) In the Model field, type in your Model Number and click the Search button. For this example, we’ll use R182:

3) From the Results List, locate your Model, and click on the View AD List (_):

4) Your AD List will appear.

5) Click the white PRINT AD LIST button towards the top, to display a PDF page that you can save or print:

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