Account Locked? Don’t Panic

Is your Account LOCKED?

If there were too many attempts to access your account, our security tools will view it as a threat, and shut down access for one (1) minute. You will receive this message on screen:————
Account Locked.
Your account was locked out due to too many invalid log in attempts. Please note that passwords are case sensitive.
Don’t worry, the account will automatically be unlocked in 1 minute. Please try again after that time has passed.

Why does this happen? 

1) Email OR Password OR both were typed in, incorrectly, numerous times. (Some of our customers call this “fat finger”).

2) Your Browser auto-fill saved incorrect information, so auto-fill will load incorrect information each time you try to log in.  You will need to go into your browser’s Password section and make the correction there.

3) The most unlikely (but possible) reason is someone else attempted to login without your permission.  We have never heard of this happening with our customers, but it is possible.

In any case, give it one (1) minute to reset, and try again.

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