Add a Maintenance Release to Logbook Entry to Eliminate White Space

In the Logbook entries, we know the “white space” is not appealing, and we offer two work-arounds for that.

Solution 1:

If you prefer the small labels, size 3.5 x 5, follow these steps:

1.   View/Open the Logbook entry you want to edit.

2. Click the blue speech bubble  next to the word Maintenance Release.

3. Under the Common Maintenance Release Templates section, select the “Signature” option:

Inspector Signature
Cert #: [certificate number]
Date: [date]

4. Click the green button that says: “Append Maintenance Release to LSSR Comments”.

You will see that the Signature line has been added under the last word of your text.  You can EDIT the signature line that was just added. Click SAVE!

5. Print your Logbook entry on sticker or paper, manually cutting the excess white space off the bottom of your sticker or paper, with scissors or a paper cutter.

6. Adhere the print out to the Logbook, then sign & date.

Below is an article on our Help Blog that explains the Maintenance Releases, in general.  You can copy and paste some of the Releases in the article and paste them into your Logbook entry, if you like:

– – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Solution 2:

The 2nd work around is a quick fix that immediately eliminates the white space, and that is to use the “Full Page View“, which is an 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper, which you would then “Print with Auto Expand” and manually cut off all white space below your writing.

1. Open the Logbook entry, and click the Full Page View button:

2. Click Print button and select Auto Expand:

You will see that the bottom signature lines comes right underneath the text, leaving no white space;


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